The Lord is my light and my salvation whom shall I fear? 

                                      Psalm 27:1


Father God the Almighty, Creator, and Giver of life, all praises, honour and glory be unto you. O loving and compassionate Father, you promised us life of abundance, health, and prosperity that flows like milk and honey.  When our forefathers sinned, you pardoned them and renewed your covenant with them.  You set the captives free, healed the wounded, comforted the broken hearted, and lifted up the poor and lowly.  Above all, you sent your Son Jesus Christ our Lord to save us by His body and blood.  And like children, He brought us back to the fold of your arms.  By His saving act, we now are children of the light.


Father God, when we were in search for light, you gave us the God the Almighty Charismatic Prayer Foundation International as an instrument of bringing us all together, like sheep pastured by your compassion and protection.  As brothers and sisters, you have implanted in us the meaning on how it is to live a Christian life.  We acknowledge our limitations and weaknesses in our day-to-day relationship and living as a community; and we powered ourselves with your gentle presence in our hearts that always remind us to love one another in the same way as we love ourselves.  We kindle our hearts with humility and obedience to your will so that with the light in our hearts, we are able to face the trials and persecutions that come to our life and our community.


Gathered together today, we pray for our 4th Year Anniversary Celebration as a charismatic community.  Father God, we humbly asked before you to release all your heavenly blessings upon us before, during, and after the anniversary celebration.  Bless and protect all the people who are and will be involved in the preparation.  Clear the way from all evil and spirit of distraction.  Touch many people to join us to praise and worship you especially during the anniversary celebration.


Father God, we entrust unto you our brothers and sisters who have allowed their weaknesses to consume them. Bring them back to you, dear Father. We pray for those who give priority to their work or vices and no longer have the time to call you or be in your presence in this community.  We also pray for members who have been entangled by their employers and thus cannot come to join us in worshiping you.  Bless all those who have remained cold and neglectful of your call.  We pray for miracles, healing, peace and reconciliation, abundance, and prosperity to take place for all people who are present in the anniversary and for those who are with us in spirit during the celebration. We offer unto you all our prayers, through your Son Jesus Our Saviour, and the Holy Spirit, with the intercession of our Mother of Perpetual Help, all glory are yours forever and ever.  Amen.


 Our Father in Heaven... Hail Mary....Glory be...


1) A sister is asking our prayers for peace and reconciliation in the family.  She has asked for the conversion of heart of her husband. back to God.

2) Our brothers and sisters in Banff have asked to pray for all foreign workers in Canada, especially those affected by the recent changes in the food chain and hotel industry.

3) Let's continue to pray for more vocations to the priesthood and religious life.  "The harvest is great but  the workers are few"

Let us also pray for good health in mind and body for our dear Bishop Henry.

4)  Our sisters and brothers who went for a long drive to the US have asked for prayers of safety and deliverance.

5)  Prayers are sought by five foreign workers in Leduc for stable and promising job.

6)  A brother is in tremendous financial crisis.  Let us join him in prayer for guidance of the Spirit -- the ability to manage his finances according to God's Will; that he may overcome his current financial concerns.





May our Mother Mary intercede for us. 

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us.

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